About Us

Asenti means “toward a greater understanding.” When investors have a more thorough understanding of the details, they can make better decisions. Asenti Diligence Partners consistently and efficiently delivers the knowledge our clients need to succeed on complex transactions.

Our Values — The Asenti Way

Finer Points

We present more detailed and thorough analyses (than our peers), especially surrounding complex and high-risk areas.


We are an extension of our clients, communicating key findings in real-time and enabling faster decision-making.

Senior Leadership

We provide an industry-leading degree of Director- and Partner- level involvement in deals, both in terms of hours and focus.


We are highly-responsive to clients and targets, beginning projects sooner and completing them in a matter of weeks — not months.


We deliver unsurpassed value, working precisely and efficiently to control cost.


We love a challenge, rolling up our sleeves when the data gets messy.

Our Mission

Asenti Diligence Partners builds flexibility into each engagement, collaborating to address the client’s specific concerns and shifting resources as required.

Our People

Our team has broad transaction experience and have performed diligence on hundreds of companies representing a wide variety of industries and clients.

W. Robb Alley

CPA, Co-Founder

Timothy Armstrong

CFA, Co-Founder

Scott Holmes


J.C. Lotharius

CFA, CPA, MBA, Co-Founder

Jared Mattinson

CA, CPA, Director

Joshua Melitschka

CPA, Director

Haley Fitzsimons

CPA, Senior Manager

Jason Havinga

MBA, Senior Manager

Jonathan Hutchins

CPA, MBA, Senior Manager

Sheldon O’Neal

CFA, MBA, Senior Manager

Kasey Seiter

CPA, Manager

Ravneet Singh

CFA, MBA, Manager

Ali Oguz

CPA, Senior Associate

Chris Berry

CPA, Senior Associate

Dylan Boster

Senior Associate

Adam Byers

Senior Associate

Colton Fey

Senior Associate

Ally Collard

CPA, Associate

Gaurang Desai


Reese Gerber


Casey Shuster

CPA, Associate