The Fine Art of Rock Turning

Finding potential pitfalls in a transaction requires some digging. However, the trick to delivering efficiency and quality is knowing which rocks to turn and which to leave alone or turn later. Our experienced team excels at uncovering the most useful information first, allowing us to surpass our competitors in speed and value.

Structured for Speed

We avoid extraneous steps and cost in the due diligence process through our lean operating structure. Our process differs from our competitors in that we:

  • Use the talents of experienced senior-level experts for management interviews
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Maintain active partner / senior-level involvement

With Asenti, you get the critical information you need faster, from a trusted source, and at a competitive cost.

Expertise Always Available

To address the full spectrum of your diligence needs, we maintain strong working relationships with specialists in other critical transaction support areas, such as tax, information technology, and valuation. We can arrange and coordinate these resources for you on request and, if preferred, integrate their findings into our deliverable to provide a single, comprehensive due diligence report.

Contact us for more details on the Asenti approach to due diligence.