Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Asenti Diligence Partners, we work with you to determine a suitable scope of services and deliverable that fits your timing and budget. You can count on us to promptly communicate progress, challenges, and findings.

Each engagement presents unique challenges. We sort out the issues, make sense of chaos, and provide information our clients can use to properly evaluate a transaction and/or company.

Our Areas of Expertise

Due Diligence

We deliver full-scope Quality of Earnings analyses or tailored analyses for high-risk areas to ascertain the true financial performance of acquisition or financing targets.

Sell-Side Diligence

We team up with sellers to identify strengths and correct financial weaknesses, assess a company’s true value, and make all necessary preparations for a forthcoming transaction process.

Other Diligence Services

We evaluate a wide variety of financial consulting engagements or collaborate with other industry professionals — such as tax, IT, and valuation experts — to provide our clients with comprehensive services and drive successful outcomes.

Our Clientele

  • Banks
  • Middle-market private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Strategic buyers
  • Senior and subordinated lenders

Typical Targets

Typical Target Company Characteristics

  • Revenues ranging from $1m to $1b (majority are $5m to $200m)
  • Domestic and international operations
  • Public and privately-held
  • Standalone companies and those carving out operating divisions
  • Sophisticated and unsophisticated accounting environments
  • Audited and unaudited companies