Sell-Side Diligence

The value of a sell-side engagement is dependent on the extent to which management can leverage the effort incurred limiting management’s involvement in answering the same questions from multiple parties. In our experience, as both a producer and consumer of sell-side reports, we believe a full-scope, robust sell-side process provides the appropriate value to the client.

We proactively identify deal issues, create a compelling investment thesis, and provide potential buyers with the comprehensive financial information they need in order to close. Our assistance allows owners to accelerate the transaction, negotiate more favorable terms, and maximize shareholder value in the event of a sale.

Our experience with diligence on the “buy side” gives us unique insight that can help sellers prepare for the diligence process. Our services could include:

  • Thorough analysis of the financial reporting function and consulting on procedural changes to make.
  • Preparation and management of data room materials.
  • Sell-side Quality of Earnings Analysis to help establish management’s view of pro forma EBITDA.
  • Identification of potential issues/risk areas that will arise during the buyer’s diligence review.
  • Detailed review of or assistance in building a projections model.