W. Robb Alley

CPA, Co-Founder

Robb co-founded Asenti Diligence Partners in 2010 after six years as a managing director at an independent transaction advisory firm where he managed the Los Angeles office. Previously, Robb was a manager in the Transaction Services practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked as an investment banker for J.C. Bradford & Co (now UBS).

Robb is fascinated by languages. Whether it’s one that he speaks (Spanish and German [albeit, not very well!]), studied in school (Latin, don’t ask him why), or just learned a word here or there (Russian, Mandarin), he likes to connect with people in their native language. His greatest joy with language came when he lived in Puerto Rico on a long-term diligence project and began studying Spanish. Immersion proved invaluable but it was a humbling experience when the seven-year-old daughter of one of his colleagues asked him innocently “Why do you speak so strangely?” He didn’t lose heart and loves languages to this day.

Robb lives in Naples, FL with his wife and two sons. He spends weekends paddle boarding, playing Legos and board games, at church, and travelling on local family adventures.


  • A dedicated M&A professional since 1998
  • CPA in the State of California
  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia

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