The financial industry comprises diverse sub-sectors including banking and lending, investment firms, and insurance companies.

Types of Companies

  • Asset Manager
  • CDO Manager
  • Foreclosed Homes
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • REIT (Self-Storage)
  • TRUPS Manager
  • Retail Banking
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • Vehicle / Equipment Leasing
  • Supply Chain Financing
  • Consumer Loan Originator
  • Payment Processor

M&A Deal Tombstones


Private Equity Firm


Payment Processor (Merchant Services)

Deal Size: Undisclosed

Service Type: Buy-side

Location: California


Specialty Lender


Consumer Loan Originator

Deal Size: $250m

Service Type: Buy-side

Location: Illinois

Other Industries

Business Services

Comprises various sectors, including consulting, outsourcing, legal, marketing, real estate, and other service businesses.


From energy traders, oilfield services, chemical toll-manufacturers, to card locks, we have evaluated various energy businesses.

Engineering & Construction

This industry involves the planning, design, and execution of projects, including engineering, procurement and construction activities.

Government Contracting

Government agencies have a wide array of needs and services catered to by contractors.


The industry encompasses a broad range of organizations and professionals involved in the provision of medical services, pharmaceuticals, and related products and technology.


We have evaluated numerous companies involved in the production of goods through the conversion of raw materials into finished products.

Multi-Unit Retail & Hospitality

Encompasses a diverse sector, from fine dining establishments and fast-food chains, airports to hotels and tour operators.

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

From industrial equipment distributors to car dealerships to e-commerce to specialty hoses and valves — we have experience.

Software & Technology

From SaaS businesses to managed IT-services, we specialize in understanding businesses in the software and technology industry.